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New follower here! I just joined your platform and your reformer content is everything. I've been missing the studio reformer classes but this is definitely filling that void - thank you for the incredible classes and all your hard work.
Pilates Project (2500 × 750px) (5)
Just letting you know I LOVE your program. Such a perfect blend of weights and Pilates and so easy to work around my knee rehab. So happy to have stumbled across your page.
Pilates Project (2500 × 750px) (5)
Gosh I am so glad I discovered you! I've been so unmotivated taking my self through sessions when I finish with clients and this is just what I need. It's like having you right here.
Pilates Project (2500 × 750px) (5)
Such an awesome class! I just downloaded the app and these are the type of Pilates workouts I've been searching for.
Pilates Project (2500 × 750px) (5)
Really great tutorial! I've done Pilates for 11 years and that was the best tutorial of these concepts I have experienced. Glad I didn't skip it.
Pilates Project (2500 × 750px) (5)
I signed up last night and I've already done two reformer workouts. I'm addicted and already feeling strong. Thank you, thank you.
Pilates Project (2500 × 750px) (5)
Just joined the 7 Day Free Trial and have to say I love it and will continue with the subscription. As a trainer, we sometimes need the push as well and I'm loving what I see with the program. Instructors are very informative and down to earth.
Pilates Project (2500 × 750px) (5)
I was having some right lower back pain so I decided to do this and I feel SO much better for it!!!
Pilates Project (2500 × 750px) (5)
Wow! I didn't realise the weekly meal plans and recipes were different each week and the shopping lists take out all the guess work. This is worth the price just by itself. Take my money!
Pilates Project (2500 × 750px) (5)

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